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If you’ve undergone a hip or knee replacement and still have pain, you may need a more complex revision hip and knee surgery to correct the problem. At Mitchell Hip and Knee, James Mitchell, MD, offers complex revision surgeries for people in the Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, area. If your pain isn’t better after a hip or knee replacement, Dr. Mitchell evaluates your condition to determine if revision surgery can help. To schedule a consultation with Dr. Mitchell today, call the office in Oklahoma City, or book online today!

About Complex Revision Hip & Knee

Why do I need complex hip and knee revision surgery?

Just like your natural joints, the prosthetics used in joint replacement surgery can wear out. It takes a long time but is possible, especially if you had joint surgery at a younger age.\

Wear-and-tear is only one of the reasons that you may need complex revision surgery of your knee or hip. If you get an infection in your joint, you may need revision surgery to address the damage and switch out the prosthetic.

A fracture, known as a periprosthetic fracture, is a condition where your bone breaks around the prosthetic implant. This may require revision surgery if the implant is damaged during the break.

Recurrent dislocations of your hip joint or loosening of the prosthetic in your knee are other reasons you may need to undergo complex revision surgery.


What’s involved in revision surgery?

There are different kinds of revision surgery that Dr. Mitchell performs on your knee or hip. The type of surgery depends on the damage to your joint and the condition of your prosthetic.

Sometimes, Dr. Mitchell only needs to remove part of the prosthetic to fix your joint. This is the best-case scenario when it comes to revision surgery.

In other cases, Dr. Mitchell needs to remove the entire prosthetic from your joint and replace it. This requires more invasive surgery, removing bone and tissue to accommodate the new prosthetic.

You may require bone grafting or augmentation when he removes the old prosthetic to give your joint the stability it needs.


Will my pain be better after revision surgery?

Revision surgery is a big undertaking in some cases. It often involves the removal of more tissue and bone, initially resulting in more postoperative pain.

However, Dr. Mitchell does everything possible to limit your pain after surgery. This surgery aims to repair the damage in your joint to improve mobility and functionality. 

Your recovery may be longer than it was for your initial joint replacement procedure. This is because Dr. Mitchell has to make a larger incision to remove more bone and tissue to replace the prosthetic device.

Once healed, though, you should experience much less pain with the new implanted prosthetic. Physical therapy is a vital component of the complex revision joint surgery recovery.

To schedule an appointment to discuss revision surgery, contact the Mitchell Hip and Knee team today, or request an appointment on the website.