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Robotic Assisted Joint Replacement services offered in Oklahoma City, OK

Technology has come a long way in the medical world, producing robotic-assisted joint replacement surgery. At Mitchell Hip and Knee, James Mitchell, MD, offers robotic-assisted joint replacements to patients in the Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, community. If you’re dealing with unbearable hip or knee pain, joint replacement surgery can restore the normal function of your joint. It’s even more precise with the use of robotic-assisted technology. To learn more about this procedure, call the Mitchell Hip and Knee team today, or book online today!

About Robotic Assisted Joint Replacement

What is robotic-assisted joint replacement?

Robotic-assisted joint replacement surgery is a newer technology that’s taking the surgical world by storm. Dr. Mitchell uses robotic-assisted surgery to perform joint replacement surgery on your hip or knee.

It’s important to note that the robotic arm of the Mako device doesn’t actually perform the surgery. It’s under the control of Dr. Mitchell during the entire procedure. 

The robotic arm, however, allows for more refined movements and precise measurements that are mapped out prior to surgery. This is done by inputting MRI or CT imaging into the computer, allowing the robot to find the best points in your joint for the prosthetic to fit.

Dr. Mitchell still performs some parts of the surgery without the robotic arm. However, the robot helps Dr. Mitchell determine how much bone to remove and the precise placement of the prosthetic for unrivaled results.


When is a robotic-assisted joint replacement indicated?

Robotic-assisted joint replacements are used on both hips and knees. It can be used for a total hip replacement or a total knee replacement.

The robot is also sometimes used for partial knee replacement surgery. It allows Dr. Mitchell to achieve near-perfect accuracy unachievable with human hands.

There’s no limit to who can have robotic-assisted joint replacement surgery. For most patients, it provides much less pain and a faster recovery time. This improves the outcomes of most joint procedures.


What are the benefits of robotic-assisted surgery?

Robotic-assisted joint replacement surgery offers many benefits over traditional procedures. Dr. Mitchell can achieve more precision during your procedure than he could on his own.

The robotic arm uses 3D images obtained before your surgery to map out your procedure. It allows for more precise movements, cutting down on joint tissue damage.

Because there’s less tissue damage, you’ll likely experience less pain with robotic-assisted surgery. While it still requires incisions, the expert precision from the machine allows for less trauma to the joint.

Less pain after robotic-assisted surgery also means less time in the hospital. In fact, you may be able to go home the same day as your joint replacement procedure. You should be able to function sooner and your recovery is quicker with robotic-assisted joint replacement surgery.

To learn more about robotic-assisted surgery, call the office in Oklahoma City today to schedule a consultation. You may also request an appointment online using the convenient booking tool.