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Same Day Discharge

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Same Day Discharge services offered in Oklahoma City, OK

When you’re having joint replacement surgery, you expect to stay in the hospital for a few days. However, at Mitchell Hip and Knee, James Mitchell, MD, provides same-day discharge services to patients in the Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, community. The technology used for joint replacement surgery allows Dr. Mitchell’s patients to go home the day of their surgery. If you need a joint replacement, call the team at Mitchell Hip and Knee today, or book online today!

Same Day Discharge

What procedures allow same-day discharge?

In the past, joint replacement surgery required you to stay in the hospital for several days to recover. However, with today’s technology, most patients at Mitchell Hip and Knee can go home after their joint surgery.

If you’ve undergone a total or partial knee replacement, you’re eligible to be part of the same-day discharge protocol. As long as there weren’t any issues during your procedure, you should be able to be discharged home.

Even total hip replacement patients can go home the same day as their surgery. Dr. Mitchell uses the latest technology and innovations in joint surgery, allowing him to discharge most of his healthy patients home the same day as their procedure.


Does every patient go home the same day?

Not every patient can go home shortly after their surgery. Each patient has specific needs based on their overall health before the procedure.

Before scheduling your joint surgery, Dr. Mitchell thoroughly evaluates your physical health and medical history. This helps him determine if you’ll be able to be discharged the same day as surgery.

Sometimes, unexpected issues pop up during your procedure. These issues can certainly prevent you from being able to go home after your surgery. However, in most cases, only a night or two is needed in the hospital until you can go home. 


What should I expect before I go home?

If you’re eligible to go home after your joint surgery, you’ll need to be alert in the recovery room and have a driver. The team evaluates your pain and goes over your discharge instructions with you and your driver.

The team makes sure your pain is under control and you can tolerate food or liquids before going home. 

If you need assistive devices, such as crutches or a walker, the team shows you how to use these before sending you home.

You’ll also receive a prescription for pain medication to get you through the first few days after surgery. The team explains how to use these medications and what to watch out for regarding side effects.

You’ll schedule a follow-up appointment with Dr. Mitchell and physical therapy to ensure your new joint is healing and healthy.

To find out more about same-day discharge, call the Mitchell Hip and Knee office today or request a consultation on the website.