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When knee pain prevents you from enjoying your everyday activities, a total knee replacement might be just what you need. James Mitchell, MD, at Mitchell Hip and Knee, provides total knee replacement surgery to patients in the Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, area. Dr. Mitchell successfully treats pain related to arthritis with a total knee replacement. Dr. Mitchell can perform this procedure with robotic-assisted accuracy, making it safe and reliable. To schedule your consultation, call the office in Oklahoma City today or book online today!

About Total Knee Replacement

What is a total knee replacement?

A total knee replacement is a type of surgery often used when osteoarthritis has severely damaged your knee joint. Dr. Mitchell performs this surgery when your entire knee joint is diseased and needs to be replaced.

During a total knee replacement, Dr. Mitchell removed damaged areas of bone and cartilage from your joint. He then inserts prosthetic devices to take the place of the damaged areas.

The prosthetics are made of metal and plastic polymers, along with ceramics. These devices restore the shape of your knee joint and allow you to move without pain after recovery.


What conditions warrant a total knee replacement?

A total knee replacement is often needed when you have severe damage from osteoarthritis. This condition causes the breakdown of the cartilage in your knee.

The cartilage is necessary to allow your knee to move smoothly and protect your bones from damage and wear. 

Osteoarthritis causes chronic inflammation and pain in your knees, leading to difficulty walking or bending your knee.


Who should get a total knee replacement?

If you're suffering from severe knee pain that keeps you up at night and prevents you from doing usual activities, you may need a total knee replacement.

Dr. Mitchell also advises this procedure when your knee joint is severely damaged from osteoarthritis. You’re a good candidate if you’ve tried several conservative treatments without pain relief or a change in your mobility.

If your knee is deformed from long-term arthritis damage, Dr. Mitchell can restore your joint with total knee replacement surgery.

Imaging studies like an X-ray or MRI help Dr. Mitchell see the damage in your joint. This allows him to determine if a total knee replacement is a good choice for you.


How long is the recovery for this procedure?

Recovery after a total knee replacement is a little different for everyone. You may be able to go home the same day as your surgery. 

You’ll need to start physical therapy immediately to keep the new joint from getting stiff. It helps improve strength in your knee and your range of motion.

You may be able to get back to most of your normal activities within six weeks of surgery. However, you’ll need to continue physical therapy for a few months and avoid high-impact activities long-term.

To learn more about a total knee replacement, call Mitchell Hip and Knee today to schedule an appointment. You may also request a consultation with Dr. Mitchell on the website.